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We are a small private Morkie breeder local to Toronto and Mississauga.

Our site is updated regularly, "puppies available" are the actual puppies that are available, not examples.

Teacup Yorkies for sale are similar to Teacup Morkies for sale.
Morkies have sweeter temperaments than Yorkshire Terrier puppies.

Yorkshire Terrier Maltese or MORKIE PUPPIES FOR SALE:  PLEASE CALL OR TEXT 647-202-0372



Ricki is sold.

Ricki is sold.


Luna is sold.


Luna is sold.


 Mickey teacup morkie puppy is sold.

Mickey is sold.


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Minnie is sold.

 Minnie, teacup morkie female puppy is sold.


Gia is sold.

 Gia is sold.

Below are pictures of Lola and Mac Gyver to show you what our black and tan morkies  look like as adults. Pictures were sent in from their owners.
 Lola and Mac , once our little puppies!


Black and tan female teacup morkie and black and tan male morkie.  We have a female and a male in these colors available for October, 2014

Daisy tiny teacup morkie is estimated to be 3-4lbs as an adult. She is very tiny and beautiful. SOLD


 Tiny Teacup morkie, Little Daisy is sold.


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 Little Chloe teacup morkie is estimated to be 4lbs as an adult. She is very small and beautiful. SOLD


 Small Teacup morkie, Little Chloe is SOLD.


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 Amelia is sold.


Little Amelia is sold.

Chantal is sold.

Gorgeous Chantal is Sold.


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Tiny Trixie is a gorgeous teacup morkie female, Trixie is estimated to be 2-4lbs. Short little nose, not only is she so tiny, but she is exquisitely beautiful!

She is the smaller of the 2 sisters.
Tiny Trixie is sold to Michael and Lori from Winnipeg.

Small Samantha  morkie Yorkie Maltese puppy is sold.


Samantha is sold.



All puppies below are already sold.

Tiny Butler is sold.
Tiny Butler is estimated to be 3lbs, he is 7 weeks old in the picture, just 1lb of perfection!

Butler has found a home with Melissa and Danny from Toronto.

Teeny Tiny Blossom is Rose sister. Blossom is sold.
She is even smaller than Rose!
Teacup morkie white and tan is sold.  http://www.morkies.ca
Tiny Wee Blossom is sold to Dany and Neena from Sudbury.

Teeny Tiny Rose will be 3lbs-4lbs. She is sold.
Tiny Rose teacup is sold.
Tiny Rose could not be any sweeter. She is so gorgeous will her short little nose and huge eyes!
 Rose is adopted to Shirley from Toronto.


Please CONTACT US if you are interested in a morkie puppy.

We only breed Morkies!

We own both parents, Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese.

Our teacup puppies are very seldom and we have very limited amount of puppies in this tiny size.

Introducing little Chip, he is very tiny,  a "teacup size",  estimated to be3lbs full grown.

Pictures are most current at the top.

Teacup Morkie Chip is for sale hhtp://www.morkies.ca
Teacup Morkie Chip is sold http://www.morkies.ca

Chip is teacup Yorkie & Maltese a teacup Morkie.
Tiny teacup Yorkie Maltese morkie Chip is sold to Carmen from Montreal.  

Tiny blonde Morkie female, Jazzy is sold!

Gorgeous blonde teacup morkie Jazzy is sold  http://www.morkies.ca

Isn't she beautiful!  Jazzy is sold!

 Mickey is a white and black Morkie male, he is sold to Peter and Claude from Montreal.
Little Mickey is very friendly. He is sold to Peter and Claude from Montreal.


I hope that all is well! How are all of your puppies doing?

Here is a recent picture of spoiled little Mickey. He is the best dog... very intelligent and well mannered. We just absolutely love the little guy!!!! :)

He is SOOOO cute


Beautiful teacup morkie sold to Susan from Ottawa. Susan says he is an amazing puppy, so well behaved, so loving and affectionate, he is adjusting so well and he has exceeded her expectations!

Honey Morkie and Jasper Morkie are sold.


Honey morkie and Jasper morkie are so beautiful, they are a  rich golden color.
They are sold.
Jasper is sold to Michelle from Montreal.

Lil' Miss Daisy Teacup Morkie AKA "Lil' Cherry" is sold to Joanne from Kitchener.
Hi, I decided i will call her Daisy in memory of my late mother in law. She was a beautiful lady and i loved her very much.

Joanne sent in a picture of little Cherry, aka Daisy now grown up! Isn't she tiny and smart too!

From Joanne:
Hi, now you can see what Daisy looks like.  OMG how to start i love her. She is the perfect dog. Princess for me. Where to start.  I guess from the start. Well remember me telling you that apart from being alone she was perfect. Well she got over that so now she is more perfect, lol. Daisy has been able to sit and stay with a treat in front of her and will not get it till i say ok. She can sit on her behind and puts her legs out with her paws down. She sits on command, lays, sit, lay,sit, lay. She loves to dance and spins around. Lay down rolls over
Sticks her tongue on command. Still teaching her to bark when ask, she just not their yet she will. When she does bark high pitch,but she is not a hyper dog, very good that way.
Does not mess unless their is to much pee on her pad..then she will poo on the rug my fault.
I am teaching her peekaboo she has done it, I love spending time with her.
 Can't wait for the nice weather...She has been spayed and i have her dog licence.
Ok enough already..THANK YOU for choosing me for Daisy i don't think Daisy would have been as happy there.

Cutest Teacup Yorkie Morkie for sale at http://www.teacupmorkies.com
Little Chip, just 1lbs at  8 weeks! What a little cutie, he is Laurie's brother below. Sold.

This is Laurie as an adult, not a puppy! Amazing teacup Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese.

Our precious little Laurie weighed just 1.1lb vet weighed at 11 weeks, perfect health vet check!
This is Laurie as an adult, pictures sent in from her owner.
  2lbs full grown. SOLD to Cherry. Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures of Laurie, AKA "Kiki"
What a cute name for her!
Incredibly small and  the prettiest puppy!!
She is so sweet.
She has so much personality, very friendly, so happy, very affectionate and full of life and fun.
 Little Laurie is sold to Cherry for a gift for her mom!
She is a Teacup Yorkie X Teacup Maltese puppy. (Morkie)

Laurie is doing great~
She is playing, Eating, Sleeping, and going to the washroom fine, but we do have to potty train her now.
We went shopping for her yesterday.We were trying to find some clothes for her, but we couldn't caz she is too small.
So we will head make her some tiny clothes~!
Everyone in the family Love her soooo much~
thanks once again~Cherry.

Another email from Cherry:

Just an update on Laurie (KiKi)she is now 17 weeks old @ 2 lbs and still very sweet and cute.
She had just start school starting last Sat. she was the calmest of all the puppy.
She is so pretty, everyone loves her when they see her.
She is playful, like to be around people and SPOILED~! ha ha ha
Some of my friend has already ask me where I got her and surely wants to get one of this kind of puppy.
I had told them about your web site and about Morkie

 Teacup morkie female Lily is sold to Laura from Waterloo.
Perfect vet check, straight teethe, strong knees, (patellas)
She is smart and very loving. Laura sent this beautiful picture of Lily as an adult!
This is beautiful Lilly, as an adult,  such a little doll.
Thank you so much for the  gorgeous picture Laura!
She is so beautiful! Thank you for taking such good care of her coat.

I wanted to send you an email to let you know Lily is doing well. She is very attached to me and always wants to sit or lie on me!!!!!!
I have started teaching her to sit and she caught on right away. She gets along great with my wheaten and  loves going on walks everyday. 

All of our teacup puppies have been healthy!

Technically there is no such thing as "teacup"
but we are just describing her size so people can relate to the tiny size they are looking for.

Princess is a very beautiful color a soft white blond, extremely rare!!
She is quiet and very sweet natured. She is very calm and lovable.
She is estimated to be just 3lbs full grown. Very small. So adorable.  
Little Princess is sold! Our tiny Princess has found a loving home with Anne Marie from Oakville. We update our site daily!
Sweet little Princess is sold! 3lbs full grown,
Tiny Princess is SOLD! Please notice how happy this little girl looks!
Tiny Teacup Princess is a rare white/blond Morkie, Yorkie hair only white/blond,
amazing, we have never had a Morkie this white with Yorkie hair!!
So tiny, so sweet, personality and will cuddle with you, when you pick her up!
Tiny Princess is SOLD, and she is home now, with her new proud mom, Anne Marie from Oakville.


Princess akc Violet is doing very well. She slept beside me 7 hours last night! She eat her breakfast well and did her business on the paper. Enjoying the bone you gave her now. Does she need naps during the day in a dark room? I have her cage set up off my kitchen. 

She us adapting and playing well. Very happy!!! Her vet appt today is at 11 am. Send u papers later today. Thank you talk soon. :-) I love her!!! So happy :)

Tiny Timmy is very friendly and playful for such a little guy.
He is so much fun, full of spunk, he is absolutely hilarious!

We have the cutest, tiniest healthy morkie teacup male estimated to be 4-5lbs available 
 & ready to take home  in March 2010. strong knees too. Tiny Timmy is sold!
Timmy is hilarious, full of personality! SO CUTE!
Timmy is with Diane and Bill from Burlington. 

  Tiny Timmy is such a joy! I can't imagine my life without him. Timmy is so well behaved, neither Bill or I can't believe it! We had absolutely no problem at all his first night here. I simply followed your instructions so whatever you're doing, you're doing it right.He loves to run around too as our hallway is long from the living room to the bedrooms. He is eating his kibble, a few at a time and when he has to go to the bathroom, he sits by the door until we put his harness on. On the warmer days, I took him out back to the private yard and he had a wonderful time, exploring the grass and rolled over and over in it,I just adore Timmy and he has bonded with me...I guess because I'm home 24/7. Bill calls him "Tag Along" because where I go, he goes, right on my heels. Thank You so much for letting us have Timmy. You have no idea what he has done for health in the few days he's been here...just seeing him smile at me brightens my mood. I feel blessed and so does Bill.Will report more as the days go on!!!! and will send lots of pictures-did you know Timmy actually poses for a photo? I laughed so hard, tears were running down my cheeks!


 Most people can identify with the term T-Cup when they are searching for a dog that will be very small at maturity.
Technically there is no breed as a T-Cup or a teacup Maltese breed or a teacup Yorkie breed or a teacup Morkie.  
 There are only  "Toy Maltese or Toy Yorkshire Terrier. 
We only refer to our very tiny sized puppies as "tiny" morkies  or Teacup morkies or T-Cup Morkie puppies.
 Extra small toy Morkie or an extra tiny toy Maltese, just as small Morkie and tiny Morkie are also adjectives so that people to quickly distinguish variation in size.  

When we do have very tiny puppies, due to their tiny size, they must be a safe age before going home, so they get the best start with their mom, so we hold these puppies longer then 8 weeks.
It takes time to raise a tiny puppy properly. Once these extra tiny morkie puppies are of a stable age to leave their mom,
then they will be released to go to their forever home.

***We do our very best to estimate your puppies size as best we can, but keep in mind,
these sizes are only estimations.
We base our estimations on puppies from a previous litter and parents weight,
and the size comparisons from the puppies litter.
 No weight can ever be guaranteed.***

All of the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier puppies are a Toy breed.
In order for people to easily  identify between a regular size toy morkie puppy and a smaller sized morkie puppy we refer to our very tiny morkie puppies as extra tiny or teacup Morkies. 

Little Mia is sold to Pam.

A lot of people are concerned with health issues of "T-Cup" sized puppies or these very tiny toy puppies,
but again that depends on who has breed your puppy.
A lot of these health issues came because people who are breeding T-Cup puppies are puppy mills,
so naturally they have several health issues, however even our very smallest puppies are very healthy,
they are small but very strong and agile, not fragile.
A lot of teacup puppies come from scrupulous breeders who have breed dogs that are too tiny to breed and should not have been breed!
When greed is the motive behind tiny puppies, they are never healthy!

Many breeders boast of breeding females that only weigh 3lbs, this practise is shameful!!!
People have endangered the lives of these tiny females and these dams cannot even give birth to their puppies unless aided by c-sections  and these poor mothers cannot look after their puppies properly.
The product of these dogs are puppies that are too tiny to be healthy and multiple serious health issues are abundant in these puppies!

All of our parents are proper breeding size, very healthy, fit and so naturally our tiny puppies are just the same!
Our parents deliver naturally without sections!
Our mothers are strong enough to nurse and look after their own puppies without assistance.
We are very proud to offer tiny puppies of such high quality!
Within a litter we will have one tiny 3lbs puppy and one 4lbs puppy.
 These puppies are just as healthy as our bigger puppies are
because we don't breed 3lb moms. This is a disgraceful practice.

Because we don't breed teacup sized dogs to get teacup puppies are tiny puppies are very limited and we usually only get one or two tiny puppy in a litter.
These puppies are very healthy, just smaller.

This is our tiny Trixie, she is sold. She is vaccinated, vet checked with perfect health and guarantee. 
Her owner Gladys from Mississauga called to say she is so beautiful as an adult and only weighs 2&1/4 lbs!
She says she is very smart, well trained, lets her know when she wants out and is so loving.
So nice to hear.

 Tiny teacup black/tan female Morkie puppy is sold.
Little Rosie is very tiny & very pretty, she has a quiet personality.


Teacup Morkie puppy

T-Cup Morkie puppy is sold. Congratulations Dani from Ottawa!
What a baby doll!

Little Rosie is a quiet temperament, calm & so lovable.
She is a friendly little tiny black/tan Morkie female, Rocky's little sister.
She is under a lb at 8 weeks old. She is very small & so pretty, very darling, so sweet & so small.

Rocky was just 1 lb at 7 weeks old!
Rocky is a very friendly little boy. Tiny & very handsome too.

Little Shadow estimated to be 3lbs, so small, so cute and so much fun!
 Image Image
Male Teacup Morkie, (teacup Yorkie X Maltese)

Estimated to be 3LBS tiny Morkie teacup, Maltese X Yorkshire Terrier teacup puppy

Wee tiny teacup Shadow is estimated to be just 3lbs full grown. Just 1.5lbs at 12 weeks old.

Shadow is the most friendly, happiest little guy. He is very smart and very entertaining. We just love him.

Little Shadow is smiling!
 What a beautiful puppy! He is so sweet & a very happy playful puppy! 

Shadow is sold!  Shadow  is full of play and fun and love. (T-Cup Morkies) 

 Shadow is smaller then Tux, with big eyes, (3lbs) full grown.
He is so cute & so entertaining, makes you laugh!
Vet checked with perfect health, perfect teeth, strong knees, vaccinated, health certificate.

 Little Lacy and Lucy,  2 little baby doll face Morkie teacup females! So pretty, so precious, so adorable!
Lucy & Lacy are sold.

Little Ricon is a smart loving, affectionate baby.
She has been adopted by a teacher who came to get her all the way from California!

This is little Ginger, she is very pretty tiny golden/blond little girl adopted by Lorraine from Markham. 


Little Ginger is sold to Lorraine.
Ginger has been vet checked with perfect check!
Our vet does a complete check.

This puppy is so tiny & pretty! Personality is so sweet you just want to eat her, lol.
She is so full of love and wants to snuggle you, 
such a pretty little doll with the sweetest baby doll face.
Have to see her to believe it. She will only be 3-4lbs.
She is Sold  

Lil' Goldie, Lil' Sadie & Lil Channel are 3 beautiful golden/blond tiny teacup Morkies.
They are so beautiful! 
What  little darlings they are. Look at their little tiny faces, so precious!
Estimated to 3lbs 
They are very Rare Blond Morkie Teacups, their coats will be shinny.


This tiny golden Morkie princess is sold.
She is a very pretty girl with a very short nose and such rich gold color in her coat is unusual. 
Congratulations to Margaret and family who fell in love with her baby doll face!
Update from Margaret, she is doing really well 3&1/2lbs full grown, very smart and everybody loves her!


 My 3 sweet lil' tiny teacup blonde morkie girls are SOLD!

The tiniest of the 3 and the deepest golden puppy is Goldie and she was adopted by Margaret for her daughter.

My precious baby, Channel has found a home where her sister Sadie will live right next door.
They will visit back and forth every day. 
Lil' Channel is very, very tiny,  3 &1/2 months old in photo!
She is 1/2 grown. She is blond with very soft silky hair,
Her little face is extremely beautiful, her nose is very short.

Look at the shine in her coat, she is stunning!
Channel is even smaller then Sadie, her features are so small.
They have found a family from Windsor Ontario about 4 hrs from us.
They are 2 of the luckiest little puppies to not be separated!
Congratulations to Laurie and adult family from Windsor Ontario.
Grandma lives next door to family and most likely she will have Channel.
Little Sadie is really tiny, she is a rare color, so pretty & so small! 

We were blessed with this little baby doll face, Lil' Laurie.
At almost 12 weeks she only weighed 1lb!! Estimated to be 2lbs full grown.

Rare white tiny Morkie female below, our Morkies have the shiniest coats!


Little Marshmallow is a very tiny Morkie puppy, she was only 1.2lb at 8 weeks old.
She matured to 4lbs as an adult.
 She is very pretty, playful and full of personality!  She is  RARE that she is pure WHITE
because the Yorkshire Terrier dark color is so dominant, there is usually black and gold in the puppies coats.
That is why she is the only white puppy in the litter.  Her little ears are soft golden.
She is also the smallest puppy in her  litter! She is 10 & 11 weeks old in these  pictures.


"Smiling Marshmallow"
Above is our tiny little white Marshmallow only 1&1/4lbs.
Notice how small she is in comparison to a regular 12"ceramic tile!
I held her until she was 14 weeks until she was 1&1/2lbs  because she was so small.  
Little Marshmallow is SOLD.
She was the smallest puppy is the litter, and the only white puppy! 

These pictures above were taken very close-up.
Last 2 pictures taken at 10 weeks old.
Look at adult teacup Morkie female, shiniest coat!!

 CONGRADULATIONS to her proud new mommy! She is so delighted to have this precious little gem!
I have heard from her mother and she is only 4 lbs full grown and extremely pretty and full of personality as well.

Pictures of little Marshmallow as an adult, only 4lbs full grown! She has the nicest shiniest white coat because she is a Morkie, but she is white like the Maltese. Thank-you to her mom for the gorgeous photos!

Her new mom has reported she is very affectionate, very loving and she is only  4lbs full grown. Little Marshmallow is her favorite dog, she also owns 2 Yorkie females. She says her knees are very strong. She says she is very smart and very friendly, she just loves her to bits.

Mickey is a tiny toy  Morkie puppy estimated to be only 3 lbs full grown.
He is SOLD  
Above is little Mickey. He is a real darling little boy and is very playful.
He is very very tiny,  but has a big personality!
He is so funny to watch.
Congratulations to his very happy new family! They are delighted!

Our puppies will be smart , very beautiful and playful like their parents and be a joy to be around, 
they will make a delightful companion. They love to cuddle and give little tiny kisses.

Our pups will have beautiful soft  no shedding hair when full grown.
Your puppy will surprise you how beautiful he/she is  going to be!
Notice how beautiful the puppies faces are.  They are  like  living toys!

The puppies above are all sold and gone home.

If you would like to adopt one of our Morkie puppies we can accept a deposit.

Deposits are half of the full amount of the cost of the puppy and
deposits are always non-refundable with no exceptions as there is much time and cost involved with the placing each puppy.
People will be given pick from the litter in order of their deposits received.

All or our puppies will be playful as adults and a lot of fun, each one having a unique personality!

Baby doll face Honey is very precious! Quiet little sweetie.

Our precious little  tiny golden puppies!

Small gold/blond female Morkie puppy.

Small golden blond Morkie puppies

Little Sandy estimated to be 4lbs, adopted by Eric & Nicole.

 You can view pictures of our available Morkie puppies  on the AVAILABLE page.
Our morkie/linnois puppies are gorgeous!! Be sure to visit all of the pages.

We hope you enjoy our little sweethearts!

Mickey at home.

Please send us an email by using the Contact Us page if you are interested
in a future puppy from us and I will contact you as soon as possible! 

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 Thank-you for reading our site and have a great day from Morkies.ca
located in the GTA  Greater Toronto Area Ontario Canada