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We raise morkies for families!




First and foremost we are not a pet store, we are a family!
We only breed Morkies, which is Maltese X Yorkshire Terrier, not other breeds.
We are very passionate about our dogs & it shows in the high quality of our puppies!
When we breed we have families in mind for adopting one of our morkies, 
so we are very particular about temperament.
Most people that adopt a puppy from us our families with children.

Temperament and health are number one to us.
Our goal is to raise morkie puppies that have genetically good temperaments and also we continue to raise them to have excellent temperaments so by the time your puppy is ready to go home, he/she is an excellent family puppy. 

Morkies are a better choice for families then a Yorkie for families or Yorkies for families.
Morkies for families:
Morkies have better natures then Yorkie Terriers do. That is fact.
We have breed our Morkies to be a safe family size and excellent temperament, knowing that mostly families will be adopting from us.

We also breed a smaller morkie for adults wanting a tiny puppy.
But most of our Morkies are for families.

We are an experienced breeder so we can help you with your puppy!

 We very seldom have any Morkie puppies that are ready to go home. 
So for this reason we accept a deposit on puppies when we have puppies available.
When your puppy is ready, then you can take him/her home with you at that time. 

 We usually do not have any puppies ready to go home when you contact us because we have a lot less dogs then kennels  have so we have fewer puppies. 
But because we have less dogs and less puppies, this enables us to give more time to our dogs and our puppies so it is worth the wait.

 Dog brokers ALWAYS have puppies ready to go because their puppy supply is puppy mills who NEVER run out of puppies.

If you get a puppy from a broker, they know very little about dogs, as they have never breed a dog themselves, they don't even own their own dog,
 rather they are only reselling them for puppy mills so they only have puppies for a few days until they sell them. They have no clue about how to raise a dog.
All their information they have tried to pick up by reading what breeders write in their ads and web sites so they don't sound like total idiots when they sell the puppies.

SEE PUPPY MILL PAGE for details on dog brokers and pet stores.

So usually you have to wait a couple of months or a few weeks before you can take your puppy home with you.
But our puppies are such high quality, so healthy and so smart, with excellent temperaments and well on their way to being beautiful dogs, so they are so worth the wait!

This is one of our gorgeous Maltese moms Bella!

Beautiful Bella!    One of our gorgeous Maltese moms.

 But when we do have some puppies, they are raised right in our home and our puppies are never separated from their mothers until it is time for them to go home.

This is Bella one of our beautiful Maltese mom with her new puppies from a previous litter.

Bella with her beautiful puppies.

This allows mom to give them essential training and allows puppies to become emotionally stable so they will not have personality problems & anxiety as adults that other puppies experienced when they were taken away from their mother too young as puppy mills and kennels practise because they have several more puppies on the way and need to quickly get rid of the puppies they have.

This is Bella with her puppy.
Our puppies are so much calmer and socialized then other puppies are.
Trainers, vets and groomers have made several comments about how impressed they are with the stability of their dog, to the owners of our puppies that they purchased from us!
Our dogs are a pleasure for them to work with!

None of our puppies will leave our home until they are at least a minimum of 8 weeks of age or even older if necessary. 
This will ensure that your puppy is healthy and emotionally stable enough to join your family.

Very importantly, we own both parents, mom and dad, ( dams & sire) of your puppy.
We feel it is very important to own our own male. (sire). 
When we breed, it is very deliberate so we know what kind of puppies to expect.
We never hire a stud to breed our dam.

This is our beautiful Violet, she is very small and pretty. She has an amazing personality.


Our little Violet, Maltese mom.       

This is Iris, one of our small beautiful Maltese mothers.  Little Prince, one of our sires.
Their puppies are so beautiful.
Iris is mom of Lucy. Her puppies are beautiful and always have short noses.

This is our gorgeous Ivona! She is stunning.


One of our Yorkie sires!

Many people that have puppies do not own their own sires because of the extra work involved.
However, we feel it is worth it as we would not leave our puppies to chance by paying a stud fee to someone else' sire.
Furthermore because we want to own our studs, we know their health and the care and food they are  getting all year,
not just when we allow them to  breed.
Even though mom does all the work, dad is still 1/2 of your puppy.

Because we own both mom and dad, so you will be able to meet both of your puppies parents when the puppies are at least 8-9 weeks of age.
This will really help you to see the personalities of our dogs, how sweet their temperament is, also the size of your puppies parents so it will be able to get an idea of the final size that your puppy is going to be.
 You will be able to see that you will be getting a very attractive, smart, healthy puppy with a very sweet loving personality.

Our puppies are raised right  in our smoke free family home and have been socialized with children as well so they will adapt easier when you take them home.


Also we have more time to spend we each individual puppy.
Kennels & puppy mills have so many several multiple litters & even multiple DIFFERENT breeds all at the same time,
so their time is so divided and they cannot possibly spend the one on one that our puppies get, nor do they care.

We only breed Morkies!
This is why our puppies are so calm and sweet when you bring them home compared to other puppies. The time we have invested in your puppy is so obvious!

Because they are raised in our home and I am a stay at home mom, I am home with them all day.
I give our puppies the  opportunity use paper  when they are old enough to walk, 
so you will have an easier time to finish their potty training.

All of our precious Morkie puppies are our own. We do not repurchase any puppies from other breeders and resell them as we would have no idea what you would be getting and we stand behind the quality of our puppies because we know exactly what we breed and are so proud of our puppies! 

At we would never even contemplate the idea of having someone else re-sell our puppies
as we want them to stay in a loving caring and the safest environment which is our home until the day,
you bring your new puppy to your home.

Our puppies also have wonderful personalities and excellent temperaments.
It is our policy that we never breed a female when she is too young.
We know that if we are patient and wait for her to mature, in the long run,
she will have better health and be able to support and look after her puppies better.


We recognize how nutrition is a key factor in proper growth and development
so we have raised our mothers while they were growing to maturity on the best nutrition,
as this  sets her foundation for her future health and that of her future puppies.


We take care of our moms and dads properly. 
Owning both of our parents ensures us proper care over them all the time
and eliminates any surprises that come to people who bought puppies from a breeder that only owned mom,
as these breeders try to pay the cheapest stud fee possible.

At we care deeply about the health of our parents and our puppies and their futures.
 Because we own both of your puppies parents, mom and dad, 
we know we are getting the highest quality morkie puppies possible!
In return we can pass that down to you so you have a happy and long future with your new addition.

  You are welcome into our home with your family where you can meet both beautiful parents of your puppy, only once we determine that your puppy is old enough and ready to go home.
 Our puppies stay with mom until they are of age to be released.
Your puppy will be with mom to learn life-long good habits he will need when he is separated, 
 right up until you come to bring your puppy home with you.

Our puppies are released when he/she is ready to go home.
Ever puppy has seen a  veterinarian, has been dewormed at least 3 times, has up-to-date vaccines and a health certificate.
This is Iris with Honey and Jasper.

Puppies that are raised in puppy mills and kennels have great difficulty in potty training because they are forced to go in their tiny kennel.
Our puppies are not kenneled. When your puppy is old enough to be kenneled then you can kennel him for short periods of time, if you wish.
*We do not recommend kenneling young puppies. This can add extra stress.*

We will offer training suggestions if you need any further help.
In fact we are very happy to assist and give you all the support you may need in raising your new puppy, we are here for life to help!!

We love our puppies and even once they go home with you, we still care about them.
If you need any suggestions we are available to offer our advice to help you and your puppy on his/her way! 

All of our puppies have been vet checked, have their 1st vaccine, have been dewormed and come with a health certificate from the vet and come with a health guarantee from us.

We have taken great care to select our adults carefully, we want you puppy to be as healthy as possible.
When we have puppies they have been breed for health, sweet temperaments & beauty as a bonus!
Our adults are very smart, well behaved. They are calm and quiet and very very loving and affectionate.
 This ensures you are getting the best puppy possible.

Are non shedding and will have beautiful.
Our morkie puppies usually have beautiful silky, shinny hair.
Our parents have very pretty faces  so your puppy always have very pretty faces.


Our puppies are very healthy because their parents are healthy.
Morkies do not have a strong dog scent like other dog breeds do. 

When we breed Morkie puppies we have to breed deliberately to get the best puppy possible! These breeding's are well thought out in advance.

We are breeding the dogs we breed together very deliberately to get a desired result and every puppy is unique.

We see very high value and benefits of breeding the Maltese to the Yorkshire Terrier together as the 2 breeds are very different in color and coat and personality.

We have tiny Morkie puppies that will be 3-4lbs & 5lbs full grown as adults and also Morkie puppies that will be 6-7 lbs full grown.

One of our beautiful Morkie puppies grown as a 6lb adult,
Picture is courtesy of his owner, Michelle.

Adult gold and white Morkie


We love our Morkies and pride how beautiful they are. 
Our Morkies have a proud attitude and beautiful coats and proudly show off their  plumed tails & prance.

We have very tiny Morkie puppies that can be 3 & 4 lbs full grown.
Tiny Morkie

 We also have Morkie puppies that are bigger that are more suitable for children.
Our Morkie smiling

 Our puppies are priced fairly, as they are very high quality, from healthy parents &
our puppies are very healthy and raised and cared for with the best of care and the highest nutrition.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the major things.
All of our puppies start at $2000. You can find the cost of the puppy you are interested in under the puppy's picture.
Our prices are firm.
We  never negotiate price, as the price is based on our costs to raise the best puppies possible.

Sadly many have paid less for a puppy, thinking they were going to save money,
only to realize health cost can raise way over $3000 and up
after getting the puppy home and in some cases even end up losing their puppy to death!

You simply cannot cut corners and expect to get a good puppy!

Our Morkie Puppies:
1st and foremost: The excellent care your puppy received as we cared for your puppy from the moment it was born until we released him/her to your care.
2nd: Your puppy was raised by a healthy mom, breed with a healthy dad.
3. Parents chosen to breed to make your puppy.*
4. Beautiful Colors**
5. Coat***
6. Size**** 
7. Pre Purchased puppies*****

*Some mothers are smaller then others.
Our moms that are 7lbs will have 7lbs puppies and also smaller puppies within the litter. 
 Our really small mothers are are 5lbs and give us 3-5lbs puppies. 

**The color of your puppy may change as your puppy matures, generally the color is somewhat the same as it was as a puppy, in cases where a black and white puppy is chosen, generally the puppy's white stays white, and the black stays black, usually if a Morkie puppy has black ears the ears stay black but some deep gold starts coming through on top of the black that may not have been visible as a puppy.
Sometimes if you choose a white and gold puppy and black, the colors can inter mingle as your puppies hair grows out longer. Sometimes when after a grooming the colors can become more defined again.
The Morkie puppies chosen that look mostly black as puppies usually end up with white or cream/tan faces, with age their faces and paws usually lighten, just as baby Yorkshire Terrier puppies get more color in them with age, even though being mostly black in appearance at birth.

***Your puppies coat can change somewhat as hair grows longer and matures. Your puppy's coat may be a thinner and a shinier coat then it was as a puppy, if your puppy mimics the Yorkshire Terrier genetic. Or your puppies coat may be thicker and softer then it was as a puppy, if your puppy mimics the Maltese genetic as an adult. Usually an adult coat is very shinny and soft,  but not always.

****(Size can never be guaranteed and is only an ESTIMATION of course, based on both parents, (which you will be able to meet) and size comparison in litter relevant to other puppies in the litter.)
  You can meet both of your puppy's parents if you wish.
This helps you to see the temperament & size of your puppy.

*****Our pre purchased puppies
If you have pre purchased your puppy before it is born:
All of the puppies in the litter will be attractive, but if you have pre purchased a puppy you are usually getting 1st or 2nd pick from the litter, so this automatically gives you a better pick from the puppies born and obviously you are going to chose the most attractive puppy. 
Your choice is high because we usually only take 1-2 deposits per litter.
 If we take 3 deposits this is because this mom can have 4 or 5 puppies to choose from, so pre purchased puppies are always the best picks!
After that, I stop taking deposits on that particular mom. After the deposits are filled, any extra puppies born in a litter will then be made available to everyone else on a first come first serve, basis, only after the pre-purchased puppies have already been chosen.

If you have purchased a puppy that is too young to go home, this is your puppy once you have deposited, if you change your mind than we have to keep the deposit.
Please be sure of the puppy you pick before you deposit because you can not switch your puppy once you have chosen him/her just because you think that another puppy is cuter later on or for  any other reason. 

If you have chosen your puppy you cannot change your mind and decide to get a puppy from a future litter.
Your deposit applies ONLY to the puppy you have chosen. 

If you are unsure about depositing than it is best to wait until the puppy is old enough to go home and you can always decide to purchase it at that time providing we have a puppy that is ready to go.


All of the parents we breed are very beautiful and they have beautiful coats, gorgeous faces and excellent temperaments.
They bodies are healthy, strong and attractive, some of our parents are average size and some are very small.
All these factors ensure you a beautiful puppy, gorgeous coat, beautiful color mixes, attractive faces, strong bodies and health, also excellent temperament.
It doesn't really matter which puppy you get from us, it will be gorgeous, healthy and very loving!


After all, we know that your puppy will be with you for years to come, so it is worth the extra work and time we have invested.
We want & hope you will be delighted with your new puppy and even refer us to friends and family as many already have.
We give your new puppy the best possible care we possibly can.

Rachelle with Halladay our bigger morkie puppy!
One of our Morkies grown up, the picture is courtesy of his mom, Rachelle.
She says he is the perfect dog!
Thank-you Rachelle, for thinking of us!

We love all of our puppies and spoil them with love and we hope you will love and spoil them as much as we do!

All of our dogs are very precious to us,  they are an important part of our everyday lives.
Because they mean so much to us, we go to great lengths to give our beautiful dogs the best possible care.
We are committed to their health, happiness and well-being.
We are in regular contact with our local veterinarian to ensure the best health of both our adult dogs and our puppies.
Our dogs are very content and  happy. Often we see our dogs smiling at us!
We smile back and they bring us so much joy to watch them play together.


Our goal is to give you the best puppy we possible can and we believe,
that most important, is to breed healthy puppies coupled with excellent, friendly, loving temperaments,
so you will have an endearing, best friend for life!

 Because we breed for quality, not quantity, usually we do not have puppies ready to go home yet.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause by not having a puppy available when you wanted one,
as we realize that most people want their puppy as soon as possible.
The best we can do for you is to take a deposit and you will be able to take your puppy home as soon as he/she is ready. This will ensure you get a puppy from us as soon as possible.

Sometimes we  lose a few customers to larger breeders who have puppies available and ready
because we seldom have puppies ready to go, but we DO NOT MASS PRODUCE to satisfy demand and sell are puppy cheaply like large breeders do.
Fewer dogs and puppies ensures optimal health and care for the adult dogs we own and for our puppies throughout the year.
Because we have fewer puppies at a time, then larger breeders, brokers, kennels and puppy mills, we handle them constantly and this gives you the best loving puppy possible!



Location: We are conveniently located just West of Toronto.
We are  North West of Mississauga.
It's a really easy 401 or 407 highway drive and central from most locations.
We are in between Toronto and Kitchener Ontario, just a few minutes North of Georgetown off the 401.
We are a Morkie breeder closest to Toronto, Ontario Canada.


Thank-you for visiting our site and for taking the time to read about how we carefully breed.
Because of all the time we have invested into giving you the best possible puppy, we appreciate you taking your time to read about us.
If you wish to contact us to adopt a  puppy from us,
please send us an email by going to the Contact Us page or please return to the Welcome page.