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 We are a small family and we breed Maltese with Yorkshire Terriers, which can be called:
Morkies, Linnois, Yorktese or Malkies and when you buy your puppy direct from us we ensure quality and care.

We have morkies puppies!

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Samantha is a small morkie yorkie maltese puppy.


Gorgeous Samantha is sold.
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This page will tell you all about our Canadian Morkie puppies.
Morkies or  Yorktese or Linnois or Malkies refers to the term that breeders use when they deliberately mix two dog breeds together; the tiny adored Yorkshire Terrier and sweet beloved Maltese or any combination of these 2 breeds together.

Small dogs for families:

Are morkies a good choice for a family looking for a small dog?

We breed our morkies for families!

Absolutely! Our morkies are the perfect choice for a family because we breed and raise them with families in mind.


Morkies are small and  love to play with children. Don't require a lot of exercise, but love a fun time.
Their temperament exceeds all the other breeds in sweetness.
 Our Morkies are playful, but not hyper.


Our morkies don't bark excessively. We have raised them well.
We raise our morkies with the view that families will be adopting them, since most of our customers have children.


So we start with the best tempered adults to breed since some factors are genetic.
Some factors are environment, so after we have carefully selected to breed healthy, good natured adults,
then we continue to raise our puppies to be happy, friendly and sociable and sweet.
We are very confident to let families with children adopt our morkies!

We have raised our morkies to be very loving, sweet and gentle. Picture of Rolland as an adult sent in from his owner.

We love when families adopt one of our morkies because we have breed them to be a safe family size with families in mind
that want a small non shedding dog with a good temperament for their children but don't want the puppy to get hurt.
Our puppies love playing with children so much.

We also breed some smaller morkies for adults that prefer a tiny puppy.

About the morkie breed: Our Morkies IN A NUTSHELL: 
Morkies/Linnois/Yorktese/Malkies are a small non shedding little toy dog. They have real hair, not fur. 
Morkies and Maltese are widely known as hypoallergenic so they are the ideal choice for people with allergies.
(Of course allergies are very personal, but the majority of people that have allergies to dogs,
do not have allergies to Maltese or Morkies.
It is best to do your own research on your  individual allergies if you suffer from this.)

Morkies and  Maltese have sweet lovable personalities, are playful and love to cuddle with their owners!

 "Morkie" or " Yorktese" or "Linnois" : As a  breeder that cares what we sell to the public we see many benefits of combining Maltese with Yorkshire Terrier or combinations of the 2 breeds.

 A little about Linnois / Morkies:
Linnois/Morkies are designer puppies that deliberately breed this way.
They are Maltese and  Yorkshire Terrier  (Yorkie).
These designer Morkies are a non shedding small breed toy dog.

Designer Morkie puppies are ideal for people with allergies.
These little dogs are soaring in popularity as people realize their superior temperament and how beautiful they are!
At morkies.ca  / linnois.ca we have chosen to breed 
Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese together to attain more desirable personality traits in our puppies.

We have discovered that when we breed the two breeds we get a superior temperament.
The dogs are more easy going and have a more desirable temperament.
We have also discovered that the puppies are even prettier.
We have also discovered that the coats are easier to manage and more attractive.
We also find that they are calmer and have excellent temperaments.
If you would like to read more about our Linnois/Morkies please click here. About Morkies
Our mothers are very quiet and  so sweet, very loving and obedient.
Our daddy is quiet but friendly and playful, he is very obedient and extremely affectionate.
We have chosen to  deliberately breed the  pups that we are breeding,
 to make a combination of the two breeds to give you the best possible puppy  in health and temperament,
beauty and easiest daily maintenance in grooming.
And also to give you an alternative to a Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier only. 

Breeding combinations of the Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese is proving to be very successful. This is partly because of the history of these 2 breeds.
We say this because the Maltese was the 1st original and very ancient toy breed and varied in sizes, some being very tiny and other Maltese being well over 7lbs.
Eventually, by the mid 1800's the Yorkshire Terrier was created from the Maltese and a much larger Terrier. By the late 1800's the Yorkshire Terrier was accepted as a breed on its own merits by the kennel clubs.
Even so, it wasn't until the 1930's that the Yorkshire Terrier took on its modern look and tiny size of today's prized Yorkshire Terriers!
 In fact if certain breeders had not seen the benefits to breeding a Maltese with another much larger Terrier,  the beloved tiny toy dog that so many have cherished for years, since the late 1930's, the common YORKSHIRE TERRIER SEEN TODAY WOULD NOT EXIST.
In fact, it was the  smaller Maltese that helped diminish the large Terrier breed with it.
More breeders focused on getting the common 30lb Yorkshire Terrier to be the tiny toy it now is today.  They focused on breeding smaller and smaller Yorkshire Terriers together until the breed was commonly under 7lbs by the 1930's.

Knowing that the history  of the Yorkshire Terrier was born from combining the Maltese, 
we saw that there were  common traits in these 2 breeds, as the Yorkshire Terrier had come out of the Maltese in the first place.

However, even though the Yorkshire Terrier came from the Maltese and have many similarities because of being so closely related, these two breeds are quite different in coat texture and color, but also temperament and personality traits. 

Without combining these 2 breeds together we at www.morkies.ca could never achieve the puppies we get if we were only to breed just Yorkshire Terriers with Yorkshire Terriers or Maltese with Maltese.
Many of these puppies are readily available.
However, people enjoy the puppies that come out of a combination of the 2 different breeds as their are so many different benefits, looks, coat, temperament and coat improvement are the most obvious.

The Maltese, having a thick fluffy coat and the Yorkshire Terrier having a very thin coat we found that if we combined the 2 breeds, the end result of the coat is not thin like the Yorkshire Terrier, it is not thick and fluffy like a Maltese. A Morkie has a thicker coat then a Yorkshire Terrier, it is softer then a Yorkshire Terrier, but their coat is very shinny and straight and  very attractive.
We noticed that because the Yorkshire Terrier had a very "thin" coat, it can easily look "straggly" and not as attractive as it could look if it could "borrow" some extra coat from the Maltese!


This is one of our  white Morkie puppies, full grown in the picture with a long coat.
You can see how beautiful and easy her coat is to comb.

We wanted to reunite these 2 very distinct breeds back with each other to achieve more color and very attractive intelligent temperaments.

The Yorkshire Terrier has a very thin, sleek coat compared to the Maltese who has a very thick fluffy coat. The Yorkshire Terrier's coat is stronger and is less prone to breakage.
The Maltese hair is quite fine and can break easily.

We also are so pleased with the coat quality we get when we mix these 2 desirable breeds together.
We find the coat is more attractive then the Yorkshire Terrier coat because it is not as course  and it is softer then the Yorkshire Terrier coat is. It also looks more luxuriant as the Maltese genetic is adding more body to the thin Yorkshire Terrier coat.

Most of our  Morkies/ Linnois have beautiful silky, very shinny hair that they have inherited from the Yorkshire Terrier genetics.  
 Just as some baby Yorkshire Terrier puppies get their shine later, so do many of our puppies.
We know they are shinny from previous litters. Their coats are also very easy to  manage unlike the high maintenance that a Maltese coat demands.
Because of this we choose to no longer breed Maltese but only Morkies!

This morkie is full grown, picture sent in from her owner.
Here is a different one of our white morkie puppies with a beautiful straight easy to comb and manage coat.
This puppy is full grown in the picture.
She is really small only 4lbs and has a tiny baby doll face! So precious!

The Maltese being all white is a little more challenging to groom then a dark Yorkshire Terrier is. When Yorkshire Terrier being black, red or tan and silver in color, 
 is added to the Maltese, the result in our puppies coat's  have extra colors making our Morkies very unique and attractive in appearance. 

Rarely, we do get a pure white Morkie for those who prefer a pure white puppy, but still want a Morkie.  
The Maltese breed is prized for their pure white coats. The Yorkshire Terrier coat is also admired for their deep colors.
Thus making these 2 breeds on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Our Morkie puppies are very beautiful color combinations with white, gold and black.
They are extremely beautiful and have gorgeous  coats and beautiful eyes and stunning color combinations.

The colors of our puppies range in color from gold to white and black,
white and gold or a combination of these.
Sometimes we have one all white puppy or one all soft gold puppy,
these are exceptionally beautiful!

Adult Morkie in this photo.

Our puppies are very attractive because they have many colors.
Often they will even have soft golden masks or soft black masks to give them the cutest look!

Our Morkie puppies at www.morkies.ca are very attractive dogs and each puppy is very unique with its own unique markings.
Here is one of our Morkie puppy full grown as an adult with gorgeous color combinations
that we could only achieve from breeding Maltese with Yorkshire Terrier!

We find that when we mix these 2 beautiful breeds together and refer to them as Morkies,
we end up with the most beautiful color combinations, golds and white in the same puppies, sometimes, white ears with little black wisps of hair running through them.
In the case of our beautiful morkie that we named "Cleopatra" and also our darling Morkie we called "Halladay" both of these stunning morkie puppies had black ears on top, but when their ears showed the underside they were pure white!!



And of course we were amazed to see little Cleopatra eyes highlighted like someone had taken mascara and put make-up on her eyes! What a little beauty she was, definitely a favourite. Or little Marshmallow, so white like a Maltese, but so tiny and cute like a tiny Yorkshire Terrier.
What amazing  color combinations we have seen in our dogs that we have breed!

Both the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier are non shedding, non allergenic dog breeds.
So when you combine the two breeds together, naturally the puppies are non shedding and non allergenic because they do not have shedding hair or fur and dander that people can be commonly allergic to.
Both of the 2 breeds only have one coat and no undercoat. It is usually the undercoat that people with allergies react to.
Some people can be allergic to non shedding dogs such as the Shih Tzu, however the Shih Tzu has 2 coats. But the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier only have one coat and naturally the Morkie inherits only 1 coat, thus making the Maltese or Morkie a better choice for people with sensitive allergies.
Note* Allergies are still very personal and the majority of people that have dog allergies are not allergic to Maltese or Morkies.
However there could be a rare exception, so it is best to be aware of your individual allergies.

Air purifiers and regular grooming are always recommended, especially when the owner has allergies.

There can be quite a range in size in Morkie puppies even within the same litter, siblings will vary in size.
These mixed  puppies can range anywhere from very tiny puppies as small as 3lb-4lb.
We refer to our smallest sized puppies as  Teacup  to describe size. All Morkies are Toys dogs, some being smaller and some being larger then others. They are "toy" dogs because the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese is a "Toy" dog.

We do our very best to estimate what the final weight of your puppy will be, based on parents weight and size of the puppy compared to the other puppies in the litter.  Again we are estimating.

Some puppies can weigh 6-8lbs. These are still very small dogs. We refer to these puppies as *Toys*.
Again we only use the word Toy here as an adjective to describe regular size as they are all "toys".  
These puppies would be best for families with children.  

 Most of our puppies parents are very tiny  genetically, so most of our puppies are ranging from 4-6lbs full grown.
They are very strong and healthy, playful  little puppies with big personalities for their small size.
 Some of our larger puppies  will be 7-8lbs, these puppies are best for families with children.


Morkies are tiny dogs so their exercise requirement is small.
They enjoy a nice walk and play but are easily satisfied, making them the perfect apartment size dog and house dog as well.
If you choose a tiny Morkie such as 3lbs this Morkie puppy is going to require less walking then if you were to choose a 7-8lbs Morkie.

Our 3-4lbs Morkies are fine for apartments.
We prefer to put our larger Morkie puppies into homes with yards as they enjoy playtime more.
Please do not be offended if we turn you down for a certain puppy, we want you and our puppy to be happy, so you need to trust our advice.

Morkies are companion dogs so although they can be alone for a time, it is not advisable to leave them for extended periods of time
as you do not want your puppy/dog to become depressed.
He/she will began to miss his family and wonder why you took him away where he was content to leave him alone all day. :(

Morkies can be fun and very playful when they are on the ground but are very quiet and content to sit on your lap for long periods of time.
Many, many of our clients take their Morkie to work with them because our puppies are so well behaved!

The Yorkshire Terrier breed are very intelligent little dogs and very playful and full of energy and devoted to their owners.

Maltese are the most gentle mannered of all the small dog breeds. They are trusting and friendly and very loving to their owners. They have the sweetest temperaments and adore children.

At www.morkies.ca  we have deliberately breed  a combination of the Yorkshire Terrier breed and the Maltese breed together to have puppies that will be very sweet,
have excellent temperaments, be friendly and smart, playful, very loving,
extremely affectionate and devoted to their owner.  
We find that bringing more Maltese into the Yorkshire Terrier personality gives a more rounded personality,
as the Yorkshire Terrier alone can be more possessive and jealous of its owner,
whereas the Maltese is more family oriented and enjoy company of all family members.
Basically we are giving you  the best puppy possible!

Why can we say this?

Because our puppies are just that, intelligent, sociable, very loving, affectionate,
playful and love to cuddle with you.

Our puppies will range  and we have both parents so you can see that your puppy will have
an excellent temperament be very friendly and the desired size
depending on the puppy you have chosen as there is a range.

We are very proud of our dogs and our puppies and we are pleased to give you
a wonderful dear pet that you will treasure always.


We have seen many benefits of mixing these 2 admired breeds together and we hope to be able to keep breeding our beautiful puppies and adding joy to many families who have adopted our beautiful puppies from us.


Please visit our site at   www.morkies.ca  to see pictures of our AVAILABLE PUPPIES!

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